Jabra PRO

Jabra PRO 9450      UK/HK/SG

jabra pro 9450

Jabra PRO 920         UK/HK/SG

Answer/end calls, Reject, Redial and more with the multi-function button.


Jabra Motion UC

Jabra MOTION UC+ MS UK charger

Enjoy the clearest quality calls wherever you happen to be. Jabra Motion is designed for comfortable all-day use and performs under any conditions.

Jabra Motion UC

Jabra Speak Series

Jabra Speak 710

Premium portable speakerphone with amazing sound
for conference calls and music.

Jabra Speak 410

Jabra Speak 510

Jabra Speak 810

Jabra Evolve Series

Jabra Evolve 80

The best headset for concentration in the open office.


Jabra Evolve 65 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 65 MS      Mono

Jabra Evolve 40 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 40 MS   Mono

Jabra Evolve 30 II MS Mono

Jabra Evolve 30 II MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 20 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 20 MS   Mono

Jabra Biz Series

Biz2400 II Mono

Jabra BIZ 2400 II Mono, NC

Jabra BIZ 2400 II Duo,  NC

Jabra BIZ 2300 Mono,   NC

Jabra BIZ 2300 Duo, NC

Jabra BIZ 1500 QD Mono

Biz 1500 Duo

Jabra BIZ 1500 QD Duo


Jabra Link 860

The Jabra Link 860 is an audio processor designed to enhance voice quality and call clarity for headset users.

Jabra Link 180

Jabra Link 265

Jabra Link 230

Jabra Link 260

GN 1216 Avaya Cord, Coiled

GN 1200 CC 2m Coiled QD to Mod Plug

GN 1000 RHL, Remote Lifter